Our Story
Tim Adamson & His 1976 180J
  • A&P with Inspection Authorization, nearly 20 years
  • Earned time toward A&P rebuilding 180/185s and
    other Cessna’s in 1980s.
  • A&P 1995, IA 2011
  • ATP Multi Engine 2000
  • Commercial/Instrument SEL
  • Commercial Helicopter 1999, over 1000 hours
    tailwheel with over 800 in Cessna 180/185s.
Tim Adamson - Huey Pilot
The aviation bug bit Tim as an elementary school student when his Cub Scout Troop visited the Army Aviation Overhaul Facility at the
Atlanta Army Depot (now Ft Gillem) in 1969 and the troop was treated to an up close demonstration of a Sikorsky H-34.
In 1999 Tim was recruited by a military contractor as a First Officer on a DeHavilland Caribou and later as a tailwheel pilot on Cubs and
Bird Dogs.  He was later identified by individuals in the organization as an A&P with outstanding mechanical ability and was recruited as a
Huey Crew Chief and maintenance officer.  By 2004 while acting as maintenance officer both in the field and hangar he was recruited and
trained by GA Army Guard and Ft. Rucker IP's as the only civilian pilot to earn wings with that contractor as a Huey pilot.
In 2005 an opportunity presented itself in Everett WA that would allow Tim to fulfill his
longtime dream of having a large former military hangar on a major metropolitan airport.  
Tim packed up everything he owned, helicopters, parts, trucks, tools, and even the kitchen
sink from his dad's store and moved to WA.  He stored airliner parts and leased space in the
hangar to small businesses.  In '07 he bought the largest stock of Sikorsky H-34 Helicopters
in the world, 125.  (Remember the Cub Scout story? That helicopter was in that lot.)  In 2011
Tim sold the last of the 125 helicopters to concentrate on Adamson Aviation.  The hangar at
Paine Field has been very successful for Tim, lovingly called Tim's Toybox.  
On Tim's first flying job in 88/89, he flew FAC on forest fires in a 1976 180J.  He owned at that time his first 180.  Tim today owns the
1976 180J that he flew in the 88/89 fire season.  (His 6th 180/185).  Luckily it had not been modified at all and was still in excellent
shape after being owned by a non-profit in NC for 11 years and never worked or wrecked.  Tim is currently upgrading that 180J with a
Float Kit (including 185 tail), new glass, an IO-520 engine, Cleveland wheels and brakes, 3 blade prop, long range fuel, 406 ELT, new
paint, extended baggage, shoulder harnesses, vortex generators, firewall battery, ski kit, new engine mount, Garmin IFR avionics,
skylights, and maybe a few surprises.  It's a member of the family and every aircraft is treated that way at Adamson Aviation, your
Skywagon Specialist.